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We were taught in the past years how to embrace our opportunities and create a brighter future even in times of crisis. As changes lie ahead of us we need to capture every moment. As we have seen over the past few years, changes can occur at any moment, and they can happen fast. If we always wait for tomorrow until we act, we might miss the opportunities we get. Each challenge we overcome, we gain new knowledge and evolve as people. Now it is time to put this new knowledge to use! 

This year’s theme focuses on seizing the moments today and realizing that our time is now. Our mission is to create possibilities for our students and encourage them to act today. 

We will never know when we will be faced with new challenges, therefore we should put our knowledge to use today. We cannot wait for the future to arrive, we cannot wait for the possibilities to find us. We need to capture each moment and understand that the time to act is now. 

The future is now. Our time is now.