With 2020 behind us, we know that things don’t always turn out as expected. But as the Project Committee before us stated, together, we can create a brighter future. This year we have the opportunity to consciously reflect on the past and embrace the opportunities that lie ahead. From moments of crisis grows opportunities for change, and from change emerges further potential to create a better tomorrow.

This year’s theme is all about opportunities and being open the change and the possibilities around us. Our vision is to help the students to develop a strong purpose that will keep them focused, provide meaning in both work and life, and help them overcome any future obstacles. GADDEN’s goal, being the biggest career fair for business schools within the Nordic region, is all about supporting the students and creating opportunities at the fair and the events during the year.

We have the opportunity to embrace this moment of crisis to push us to build a better future together. We have the opportunity to be creative, the opportunity to be brave, and the opportunity to make a change. We want to encourage you to embrace these opportunities, and with newfound experiences, grow and adapt to the changing world around us.

Together we embrace our opportunities.