Do you want to be a part of the project committee of 2022?

Application closes on the 5th of December

This years fair is approaching, and so is the end of 2021’s Project Committee. This means that we need to complete the  committee for GADDEN 2022. Are you interested in taking part in one of School of Business, Economics and Laws biggest projects and create the BZZT career-fair within the Nordics region?

Apart from having the year of your life, filled with lots of fun, you also get the opportunity to attend an instructive year where you get the possibility to create new relationships within the university as well as with potential new employers. But most importantly you will make friends for life!

To apply for the committee of GADDEN 2022 you need to fill in the form to the right.  Make sure you don’t forget to motivate why YOU are the perfect choice for the position you are applying for. (AND of course you can apply for more than one position!!)

The last day for applications is the 5th of December at 23.59.

At this moment, we are looking for 9 driven students for the following posts: 

Project committee

Your best year at Handels is waiting

GADDEN has since its creation in 1982 grown exponentially and the fair, as well as the events and activities that take place during the year, make GADDEN HHGS 'largest project. The project committee consists of ambitious students at the School of Business, Economics and Law who have a common goal: together create the best career fair for students and companies! ... (The recruitment for the project committee 2022 is divided into two parts and in the first recruitment, which takes place in November, half of the positions are filled. In February, the application opens and in March, the remaining positions will be filled, and the project committee will be complete. After that, about ten months of hard work awaits to create a new fair, a time-consuming and challenging job that also means your most fun year at Handels.


– Project Manager

– Vice Project- & Financial Manager

– Human Resources Manager

– Head of Company Relations 

– Head of Corporate Relations

– Head of Marketing

– Head of Events

– Head of Fair


As a project manager for GADDEN 2022, you have the ultimate responsibility for the project running smoothly throughout the year, being in charge of HHGS ‘largest project. Celebrating 40 years, we are looking for someone willing to take on the challenge of bringing GADDEN, the Nordic region’s largest career fair, to the next level!

The Project Managers’ overall tasks during the year are to guide, organize and inspire the ongoing work for the whole committee. The tasks further include creating close contact with GADDEN’s main partners, being GADDEN’s official face to external stakeholders, and having overall responsibility for handling all agreements. In addition to this, you have a close collaboration with the Vice Project Manager and HR manager throughout the year; together, you act as a sounding board and support for others in the project committee. It is of great importance that you are committed, driven, and most importantly humble as a person. Moreover, it is essential in your role as Project Manager that you have a great sense of quality with the ability to take on much responsibility. It is required that you have an ongoing holistic view over the project,  and constantly ensure that the work runs smoothly and in the right direction.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the role as Project Manager, you are more than welcome to contact Fanny Söderström at


As Vice Project Manager, you work in a close team with the Project Manager, and together you are responsible for the project being steered in the right direction. Together, you are there to support the committee in their responsibilities and have the responsibility of  ensuring the well-being of everyone. You are both strategically and operationally involved in every aspect of the project, which gives you great responsibility but at the same time much freedom and diversity.

You are also ultimately and solely responsible for GADDEN’s finances. The financial tasks involve budgeting, together with previous years’ finance manager, keeping track of expenses and income, and making the financial decisions required to meet GADDEN’s profit requirements towards HHGS. As a Vice Project Manager, it is crucial that you are structured, have a sense of handling finances, and have a great interest in the group’s cohesion and well-being. 

If you have any questions regarding the role as Vice Project & Financial Manager, you are more than welcome to contact Andrea Axelsson at


As Head of Company Relations, you are responsible for the contact with all of the fair’s exhibitors; the companies! You will keep in touch with previous years’ exhibitors as well as being responsible for selling GADDEN to new, exciting companies. This will involve many phone calls, meetings, and the responsibility of the organization of around 100 exhibitors’ participation at GADDEN. This role also involves supporting the rest of the committee in their company contacts and holding workshops to promote the process. As a company manager, you get the opportunity to shape the fair, make contacts with some of Sweden’s most exciting companies, and be the first contact in the bridge between students and their future employers.

We are looking for someone who has a sense of detail, is service-minded and an excellent salesperson who is willing to put in a lot of work to ensure that the most interesting companies come to GADDEN 2022. It is meriting if you have previous experience in service or sales, but not a requirement. 

If you have any questions regarding the role as Head of Company Relations, you are more than welcome to contact Simon Olofsson at,Maria Nordin at or David Olsson at


As HR Manager, you will play a critical role in developing and maintaining a positive work environment and encouraging productivity in the committee. This role is all about creating a culture in which the committee of GADDEN thrives within and is an essential part of our success. You have primary responsibility for all recruitments throughout the year, both for the project committee and for the recruitment of the GADDEN Crew. In addition to this, you will work actively with the internal well-being of the project committee, which includes, ‘one to ones’, planning kick-offs and evaluation trips, as well as holding workshops to strengthen group dynamics. In the role as HR Manager, you will work in close collaboration with the Project Manager and Vice Project Manager.

This role will suit you if you are a social and caring character with a good sense of people and, of course, with the skill of planning successful team-building events. You will have the opportunity to shape this post yourself during the year, which also requires great responsibility and self-leadership.

If you have any questions regarding the role as HR manager, you are more than welcome to contact Carl Waszkiewicz at


As Head of Corporate Relations, you have the overall responsibility for finding and maintaining contact with sponsors of GADDEN. You are constantly selling the GADDEN brand to companies that want to be seen or otherwise collaborate with us throughout the year and during the fair. Furthermore, you also have the task of finding inspiring speakers who will give appreciated lectures during the fair, and you are thus also responsible for coordinating these visits. The post also means that you are responsible for supporting and leading the committee in their work of finding sponsors. You are also responsible for the coveted goodie bag, prizes for competitions, food and drinks, as well as contacting speakers for the fair.

It is essential that you are outgoing, driven, and find it easy to talk to new people. You should also have a developed sales mindset, where you put great emphasis on the value of long-term relationships with companies. If you like B2B sales, logistics, establishing contacts, learning new things, and having a lot of fun, Head of Corporate Relations is the role for you!

If you have any questions regarding the role as Head of Corporate Relations, you are more than welcome to contact Josefin Jonasson at or Sofie Karlsson at


As Head of Marketing, you are responsible for how GADDEN is marketed through all forms and channels. It is a very free role, but this freedom comes with great responsibility. Previous focus on printed marketing materials has been exchanged to digital marketing, a step in strengthening and communicating GADDEN’s sustainable brand. Being head of marketing, you are responsible for both the external and the internal marketing, and it is a role that suits a structured person with a creative side.

You will lead your marketing team, consisting of the Art Director and Head of Communications, in all matters related to marketing. Even though the fair only lasts for two days, you will be responsible for marketing GADDEN’s brand throughout the whole year in order to maintain interest from the students as well as from possible exhibiting companies. Examples of your tasks include planning all marketing and delegating tasks in your team, managing the website, ordering merchandise and goodie bags and planning movies as well as photo sessions of the committee.

As Head of Marketing, your role will require both analyzing and planning, as well as giving you an opportunity to express your visions in a creative sense, but also acting as a sounding board and support, leading your team throughout the year. Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator is an advantage, as well as some understanding of coding is greatly appreciated and will come in handy, but this is not a requirement. The most important thing is that you are willing to learn!

If you have any questions regarding the role as Head of Marketing, you are more than welcome to contact Emmie Erlandsson at


In the position as Head of Events, you have the overall responsibility for all events organized by GADDEN. This includes both internal and external events, such as crew-dinnes, mingles, and the final banquet. You will also be responsible for planning our concept GADDEN-Talks, where companies host guest lectures for the students throughout the year.  We are looking for someone who loves to organize and manage events, who is  responsible, stress-resistant, detail-oriented, and has a developed ability to plan, both in the short and long term. Tasks in connection with the events include, for example, booking of premises, planning of the events, and creating event schedules for the committee of what needs to be done on-site.

One of the main tasks is to arrange the GADDEN final banquet with about 500 dinner guests, celebrating and ending the fair days. Previous experience of similar events is a merit, but the most important thing is that you are interested in organizing events! This post also includes close collaboration with the Head of Corporate Relations and Head of Marketing, both in finding sponsors for the various events as well as marketing the events externally. 

If you have any questions regarding the role as Head of Events, you are more than welcome to contact Elin Jansson at or Joanna Haraldsson at


As the Head of Fair, you will have the overall responsibility for the fair’s physical structure and plan and coordinate all activities during the fair days. It is your responsibility to ensure that unforeseen problems are solved during the fair days. During the year, it will be your task to plan the design of the exhibition area and the fair’s logistics. In addition, you will be involved in the other events held during the year in terms of physical design and safety. You will be the contact person for the project committee towards those responsible at the school and external actors during the fair’s construction. We are looking for a person with a sense of planning, developed stress resistance, and excellent delegation skills. If you have any questions regarding the role of Fair Manager, you are more than welcome to contact Johan Berlin at

Looking forward to seeing your application!

Kindest regards,
The Project Committee of 2021!