Do you want to be a part of the project committee of 2023?

With a somewhat challenging year, but also fun and developing, the end of GADDEN 2022 is approaching. It’s time for us in the committée of 2022 to retire our wings and let new bees take over the beehive. So, are you interested in taking part in one of the School of Business, Economics and Law’s biggest projects and create the BZZT career-fair within the Nordic region?  Great, because the application for the second part of the Project Committee of 2023 is now open!

Apart from having the year of your life, filled with lots of fun, you also get the opportunity to attend an instructive year where you get the possibility to create new relationships within the university as well as with potential new employers. But most importantly you will make friends for life!

To apply for the Project Committee of GADDEN 2023 you need to fill in the application form.  Make sure you don’t forget to motivate why YOU are the perfect choice for the position you are applying for (and of course you can apply for more than one position).

The last day to apply for GADDEN 2023 is February 15th at 23.59.

We are looking for driven students for the following positions: 

Project committee

Your best year at Handels is waiting

GADDEN has since its creation in 1982 grown exponentially and the fair, as well as the events and activities that take place during the year, make GADDEN HHGS 'largest project. The project committee consists of ambitious students at the School of Business, Economics and Law who have a common goal: to together create the best career fair for students and companies! The recruitment for the project committee 2023 is divided into two parts and in the first recruitment, which takes place in November, half of the positions are filled. In January, the application opens and in February, the remaining positions will be filled, and the project committee will be complete. After that, about ten months of hard work awaits to create a new fair, a time-consuming and challenging job that also means your most fun year at Handels.

– Head of Company Relations

– Head of Corporate Relations

– Head of interview sessions

– Head of Events

– Art Director

Head of Interview Sessions

As Head of Interview Sessions, your responsibility is to continuously communicate with the exhibitors and students who choose to attend the interview sessions during the fair.



As Head of Company Relations, you are responsible for the contact with all of the fair's exhibitors; the companies! You will keep in touch with previous years' exhibitors as well as being responsible for selling GADDEN to new, exciting companies.



As Head of Corporate Relations, you have the overall responsibility for finding and maintaining contact with sponsors of GADDEN. You are constantly selling the GADDEN brand to companies that want to be seen or otherwise collaborate with us throughout the year and during the fair.



In the position of Head of Events, you have the overall responsibility for all events organized by GADDEN. This includes both internal and external events, such as crew-dinners, mingles, and the final banquet.


Art Director

As Art Director, you will be responsible for all of the graphic designs Gadden will be publishing during the year.


Head of Communictions

As Head of Communications you will be responible for communicating the word of Gadden, by creating all of the texts that will be posted on all the different platforms and social medias during the year.

As a part of the markting team you will have the shared responisbility of Gaddens social medias, including Instagram, Facebook and Likedin, together with Head of Marketing and Art Director. In this area of responibility the text is your main focus, but how you devide the workload within the group could be discussed among you.