GADDEN always aspires to be sustainable in every aspect of the fair. Our vision is to inspire visitors, exhibitioners, and sponsors to strive for a more sustainable future. 2020 was a particular year that required a unique fair. Last year’s fair was completely digital, with different requirements for sustainability. In previous years, GADDEN has climate-compensated a share of the carbon dioxide emissions that the fair and its exhibitors entail. Last year’s fair was not only climate-neutral but also climate-positive, where we compensated for more than 200% of the fair’s and exhibitors’ carbon dioxide emissions.


We work preventively to minimize waste through clear waste sorting and without disposable items in non-biodegradable materials. We always avoid buying unnecessary materials; any new material is created to be reused in the future. Any material that we can’t reuse is donated to the City Mission as far as possible. We encourage all exhibitors to climate compensate for their part in the fair, as well as work actively with sustainability. GoClimate supports us in our everyday climate work. It is essential for us to cooperate with exhibitions and sponsors that actively strive for a better environmental impact and sustainable future. Some concrete examples of our sustainable work are that the fair has been completely vegetarian since 2017, we use hybrid cars to reduce emissions and we make sure that we carpool and encourage exhibitors to take the train instead of other means of transport. GADDEN is also proud of our recurring collaboration with Ung Cancer, which are supporting young adults with cancer and their relatives by reducing loneliness and offering personal, financial, and rehabilitative support.


GADDEN is year approved as a Certified Sustainable Event, and we continue this work in 2021. Together with Green Time, we work to be the most sustainable fair and always to lead the change for a sustainable future. Our goals are not modest. GADDEN wants to be bold, dare to take a stand, and always strive for a more sustainable fair in every possible detail. We do not see working with sustainability as an obstacle; we are leading the change and embracing our opportunities.

We also have a sustainability policy. Please see below.

GADDEN Sustainability policy 2021/2022