GADDEN is a sustainable certified event and we always aspires to be sustainable in every aspect of the fair. Our vision is to inspire visitors, exhibitioners, and sponsors to strive for a more sustainable future.


Reduce stress by building bridges between students and future employers.

Offer fun and rewarding events for our students.

Our events and business are open for all, thus we work for equal rights and respect for all.

Equal marketing, aimed to target everyone, independent of gender.

See our equality policy for more information of how we work with equality

The fair and all additional events are accessible to all people.

Events open for all, no matter ethnicity, lineage, gender, sexuality or functional variation.

Exterminate discrimination by establishing and following a clear framework, applicable both for the committee, exhibitors and students. Having a clear action plan and policy stating who should be contacted in the event of discrimination.

See our equality policy for more information of how we work with equality

All furniture used at events and fair are rental.

All cars used are hybrids.

Focus on waste disposal.

All marketing should be digital to the highest possible extent

Minimizing the usage of disposable items as well as avoiding the usage of plastic

100 percent vegetarian fair.

No weapon producing companies at the fair 

Inclusive and responsive decision-making within the project committee 

Zero tolerance for violence and harassment

Collaboration with HandinHand Sweden and Ung Cancer.

Donating the revenue from the recycled cans and bottles. 

Exchange and share knowledge of sustainable development.

Climate compensation through GoClimate.



In case you were to experience any injustices or issues regarding the sustainability during the fair or any other Gadden-related events, you can report the issue directly to HHGS by filling out the form liked.

GADDEN; A certified sustainable event 

To be sustainable is immensly important to GADDEN. Therefore, we are beyond excited to be able to present to you our Sustainable Event Certification that we have acquired from Greentime. The content of the standard is based on the Global Goals for Sustainable Development, Agenda 2030, categorized  based on organizational, social and ecological sustainability.

Read more about the certification HERE

Our sustanability partners

Hand in Hand Sweden is a non-profit organization that works with entrepreneurship as an effective, long-term and sustainable way of fighting poverty. Through training and a supportive network, Hand in Hand helps people reach their full potential and become successful, small-scale entrepreneurs to lift themselves and their families out of poverty in the long term. 

This year we are supporting Project Next Step, an accelerator programme with a digital cutting edge. This project focuses on supporting ambitious entrepreneurs who are ready to take the next step. Hand in Hand will provide them with greater knowledge of markets and the economy, provide them with support in order to scale up their companies and improve their access to capital. The focus is mainly on women and young people who risk falling behind due to extremely rapid digital development. Together we will unlock more potential among Kenya’s grassroots entrepreneurs! Read more about the project HERE.

 Want to know more about Hand in Hand? Find more information at HandinHand Sweden HERE.

Ung Cancer is an organization which has the aim to support young adults who have been affected by cancer directly or have near relatives and friends with cancer. Ung Cancer hopes to reduce loneliness and offers personal, financial and rehabilitative support with their platform. 

With this collaboration we offer Ung Cancer to interact with our students, also give our students the opportunity to contribute with a gift or bead a bracelet at their beading-station.

Greentime is a third party certifier for sustainable events, founded in 2014. They are a great help and guide for the sustainable work we do. Greentime provides inspiration, analysis and consultation for their clients, and several lectures and online meetups. 

We are proud to call ourselves a sustainable certified event with their certification: Certifierat Hållbart Evenemang, and this certification process is redone every fair. GADDEN always strives to improve itself and Greentime is a key factor in this endeavor.

GoClimate is a social enterprise (profit for purpose) and aims to stop climate change through reducing the carbon dioxide emissions. GoClimate helps GADDEN calculating its carbon footprint, and offers to finance climate projects in several climate projects.

This year we have chosen to support a climate  project in Kenya. This project distributes affordable, durable and energy-efficient cookstoves to families across Kenya. Not only does this initiative contribute to cutting emissions, but it also creaates a healthy environment for cooking food.

Interested in knowing more about our sustainability work?
Please see our Equality and Sustainability Policy or contact our
Head of Sustainability Emma Järnebrink at

GADDEN Equality Policy
GADDEN Sustainability Policy