GADDEN always aspires to be sustainable in every aspect of the fair. Our vision is to inspire visitors, exhibitioners, and sponsors to strive for a more sustainable future.


All earnings from the disposal of beverage packing will go in full to the organization Suicide Zero.

Reduce stress by building bridges between students and future employers.

Offer fun and rewarding events for our students.


Our events and business is open for all, thus we work for equal rights and respect for all.

Equal marketing, aimed to target everyone, independent of gender.


All furnitures used at events and fair are rental.

All cars used are hybrids.

Focus on waste disposal.

All marketing should be digital in the highest possible extent.

Minimizing the usage of disposable items as well as avoiding the usage of plastic

Climate compensation for all activities linked to GADDEN, as well as offering the opportunity for all exhibiting companies to compensate for their emissions.

100 per cent vegetarian fair.


The fair and all additional events should be accesible to all people.

Events open for all, no matter ethnicity, lineage, gender, sexuality or functual variation.

Exterminate discrimination by establishing and following a clear framework, applicable both for the committee, exhibitors and students. Having a clear action plan and policy stating who should be contacted in the event of discrimination.


We work preventively to minimize waste through clear waste sorting and without disposable items in non-biodegradable materials. We always avoid buying unnecessary materials; any new material is created to be reused in the future. Any material that we can’t reuse is donated to the City Mission as far as possible. We encourage all exhibitors to climate compensate for their part in the fair, as well as working actively with sustainability. GoClimate supports us in our everyday climate work. It is essential for us to cooperate with exhibitions and sponsors that actively strive for a better environmental impact and sustainable future.

The sustainability-page is under construction, more sections and sustainable related information will be published shortly.



Our journey towards contributing to a better world started already in 2015 together with GreenTime, becoming a certified sustainable event. A certificate we continuously throughout the years have put a great emphasis in, as we aim to always strive towards finding new and sustainable ways to conduct our business. 


In 2017, GADDEN took the step towards becoming a ‘non-meat’ organisation, where all meals during the fair, but also during other events throughout the year are held completely vegetarian. We also took a turn prioritising digital solutions with the aim to minimise our waste and footprint on the climate. 


By the year of 2018 we started offering all companies, both sponsors and exhibitors to compensate for the carbon footprint they may create when collaborating with us. Together with GoClimate, we thus intend to both reduce and compensate for our emissions with the aim of contributing to a better world, making as much of a difference as we possibly can. 

This year, in collaboration with GoClimate, our goal is for 70 per cent of the companies to compensate for their participation in our fair, donating all earnings regarding climate compensation to the project Santa Marta Landfill Gas Capture for Electricity Generation Project, which involves collecting and utilising landfill gas, turning it into clean energy.  

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In 2019 we proudly presented our new collaboration together with Ung Cancer, a collaboration which has been recurring throughout the years. Ung Cancer is an organisation which has the aim to support young adults who has been affected by cancer or near relatives and friends who may live close to someone who has been affected, with the hope of reducing loneliness and offering personal, financial, and rehabilitative support.

With this collaboration we offer Ung Cancer to interact with our students, and thus  at the same time also give our students the opportunity to contribute with a gift, start a fundraiser or bead a bracelet at their beading-station.

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With 2020 being a special year, the committee of 2020 had to re-think and redo, making GADDEN2020 completely digital. One thing which changed the requirements for sustainability, making last years fair not only climate-neutral but also climate-positive, where we compensated for more than  200 per cent of the fair’s and exhibitor’s carbon dioxide emissions.

Taking over the torch, we, the committee of 2021, saw many benefits of having the fair on a digital platform, leading us on to the decision of creating the fair of 2021/2022 a hybrid one. Furthermore we have the ambition to include even more digitalised solutions making all our communication and marketing take place through a digital form.

Nevertheless, our goals are not modest. GADDEN wants to be bold, dare to take a stand, and always strive for a more sustainable fair in every possible detail.We do not see working with sustainability as an obstacle; we are leading the change and embracing our opportunities.

BUT, the best is yet to come. Keep an eye out as we in the near future release our newest and biggest addition to our sustainability work.

Our sincerest regards,

The Project Committee of 2021.

Interested in knowing more about our sustainability work? Please see our sustainability policy or contact our Head of Sustainability Jessica Tilly at

GADDEN Sustainability Policy 2021/2022