The year 2020 was a special year, but also a special fair. As this year’s fair was completely digital, the requirements for sustainability were different, but our ambitions were all the higher. During the year, we had the opportunity to reflect on the past and to embrace the new opportunities that lie ahead. In previous years, GADDEN has climate-compensated a share of the carbon dioxide emissions that the fair and its exhibitors entail. This year, the fair was not only climate-neutral, but also climate-positive – we compensate for climate change for more than 200% of the fair’s and exhibitors’ carbon dioxide emissions. Climate compensation is provided through GoClimate and is invested in a Gold Standard certified wind project in Aruba.

In 2020, GADDEN’s purchasing policy and sustainability policy (former environmental policy) were also updated and a new policy has been created – the Policy on Equal Treatment. All policies permeate GADDEN’s entire operations. The fair has been completely vegetarian since 2017, and we work preventively to minimize waste through clear source sorting and without disposable items in non-biodegradable materials. All products left over from the fair go to the City Mission to those in need. All speakers during the fair have a strong focus on sustainability, and this year we held a panel discussion focusing on sustainable strategies. We maintain a continuous dialogue with our exhibitors and sponsors as well as on our social media about sustainability work as we encourage everyone to reduce their climate impact and become more sustainable.

GADDEN is also proud of our recurring collaboration with Ung Cancer, which is available for young adults with cancer and relatives by reducing loneliness and offering personal, financial and rehabilitative support.