During the fair, our students have the opportunity to meet over one hundred companies and organizations, connect and learn more about each other and discuss future opportunities. Our vision is to help our students develop a strong purpose and provide meaning, both professionally and personally. We offer opportunities such as participating in Interview Sessions and being a part of our crew during the fair, which enables great possibilities for our students to network with interesting companies and thereby opening up for new and valuable relationships. Every year we also open up the opportunity for 16 eager students to participate in our project committee, creating GADDEN and having the best year at Handelshögskolan.



Be a part of the biggest career fair in the nordic region (Application closes this Friday, November 12th)

Annually, our crew consists of approximately 150 driven business Students who make it possible to carry out the fair. There are several different crews who all have different tasks, such as helping in the lounges, being the contact person for the companies or handling logistic issues. Crew's work takes place mainly over the days of the fair and is a fantastic opportunity to get involved in the school and to get to know fellow students. ... Furthermore, it is a good experience for continued involvement in the school's associations or unions. For our crew of 2021/2022, exciting weeks and exclusive events await, including meeting and networking with the representatives of the exhibiting companies.


Project committee

Your best year at Handels is waiting

GADDEN has since its creation in 1982 grown exponentially and the fair, as well as the events and activities that take place during the year, make GADDEN HHGS 'largest project. The project committee consists of ambitious students at the School of Business, Economics and Law who have a common goal: together create the best career fair for students and companies! ... (The recruitment for the project committee 2022 is divided into two parts and in the first recruitment, which takes place in November, half of the positions are filled. In February, the application opens and in March, the remaining positions will be filled, and the project committee will be complete. After that, about ten months of hard work awaits to create a new fair, a time-consuming and challenging job that also means your most fun year at Handels.


Apply for a digital interview session

GADDEN is connecting companies and students. Through an interview session, you as a student get the opportunity to network and make contacts with future employers. An interview session can be arranged in different ways, for example like a pure job interview or as an opportunity for the company to tell you more about their business.

As GADDEN usually takes place in November but the 2021 fair will take place in February 2022, we will offer opportunities for two separate occasions for interview sessions. These occasions will take place during the 17-18th of November, as well as during the fair in February.

Prepare your CV and Cover Letter, and then you are ready to hit the button below! Application closes on the 17th of October at 00.00! Do you want some tips and tricks on how to make a clean, structured and rich in content? Check out our ‘Resume Template’ HERE!

The Interview Sessions on the 17th and 18th of November are held digitally. 

I have always been interested in the banking world and heard a lot about Handelsbanken as a company. When I studied my second year at the School of Business, Economics and Law, I saw that you could apply for Interview Sessions with Handelsbanken, which seemed to be a very good opportunity. ... Sometime after my session, I was contacted by Handelsbanken again and they asked if I could come up with a second interview. In the spring, I started working part-time at one of the bank's offices in Gothenburg. After that, I worked at Handelsbanken for two summers and but also alongside my studies as a customer service associate. My advice to other students is to seek Interview Sessions even if you are studying your first or second year. It is a good opportunity to meet your dream company and to strengthen your network!


Nina Littorin

It was during an Interview Session at GADDEN 2017 that I first met my current employer Academic Work. Every now and then, Academic Work did not have any employment they could offer me, but they asked me to keep my eyes open for future offers. A few months later I saw that they were looking for a "Staffing and Recruitment Assistant" at Academic Work here in Gothenburg. ... I saw that the application period was about to be over, but I applied and sent a message to the person I met at GADDEN. It only took a few hours before I got a call. It was Academic Work who called and told me that they had heard a lot about me. Two interviews later, the job was mine. I do not think I would have had a chance if it were not for my Interview Session at GADDEN!


Stina Magnusson