CREW 2022

Be a part of the biggest career fair within the Nordic region

To apply for crew you need to be a member of the student union HHGS.

 It is finally time to apply for crew at GADDEN!

As a part of the crew during GADDEN November 16-17th 2022 you will be a part of organizing the biggest career fair for business, economics, law, logistics and environmental science studies within the Nordic region. The fair has approximately 6000 visitors and 100 exhibitors each year. For the fair to be as good as possible, we need help from a crew. We work hard to become better each year and strive to live up to our catchwords quality, humility, respect, engagement, confidence, and unity.

The entire GADDEN crew is divided in different areas of responsibility during the fair, which will be described further down. If you have any questions regarding our crew, feel free to contact our Human Resources, Olivia Karlsson at 

We look forward to your application!




Be a part of the biggest career fair in the nordic region

Annually, our crew consists of approximately 150 driven business Students who make it possible to carry out the fair. There are several different crews who all have different tasks, such as helping in the lounges, being the contact person for the companies or handling logistic issues. Crew's work takes place mainly over the days of the fair and is a fantastic opportunity to get involved in the school and to get to know fellow students. ... Furthermore, it is a good experience for continued involvement in the school's associations or unions. For our crew , exciting weeks and exclusive events await, including meeting and networking with the representatives of the exhibiting companies.



Are you the one your friends come to when they have technical issues? Then you should apply for the ‘Electricity & IT Crew’! As a part of ‘Electricity & IT Crew’ you make sure that everything regarding the internet and electricity runs smoothly during the fair. Screens, gadgets that the exhibitors have in their company booth, wifi passwords and connection problems will be part of your work tasks. The crew will assist during all the presentations that take place during the fair. Are you independent, like to take responsibility and have that extra sense of technology that everyone else misses? Then the ‘Electricity & IT Crew’ is the right crew for you!


Are you a master of producing chess patterns, is there a hidden carpet placer in you or are you the best mover in Gothenburg? Then it is perfect for you to apply for the ‘Fair Crew’. As crew you have responsibility for building the fair and taking it down, transforming the school into the black and yellow meeting place that GADDEN is. The ‘Fair Crew’ contributes with a professional impression by being helpful towards the companies with mounting the stands and also keeping the area of the fair impeccable, good opportunities for mingling are promised!

A great member of the ‘Fair Building Crew’ is a team player of rank, service-minded, solution-oriented and takes initiatives with ease. Stress resistance and an ability to keep your cool is a plus because the ‘Fair Building Crew’s’ time to shine is the day before when the fair is being assembled. Join the ‘Fair Building Crew’ for a unique team challenge in fair building and great possibility for mingling and interview sessions.


Are you the one that greets the companies with a big smile on your face when they arrive in Gothenburg? Do you love to spend time in a car at the same time as keeping your cool when the traffic is busy? Then you should apply to the ‘Transportation Crew’! You will be transporting exhibitors, their equipment, and speakers to and from the fair in an efficient, professional and safe way. As a person, you are service-minded, nice and a true problem solver with good knowledge of the traffic in Gothenburg. Add a driver’s license and you are made for the ‘Transportation Crew’. If you apply for the ‘Transportation Crew’ you will have a pacey experience with a lot of responsibility.


Do you love to hand out products and have a passion for exposing all new products our sponsors will release during the fair? Or are you an expert at serving lunch and breakfast as well as a gold medalist in customer service? Then you will be perfect for the ‘Lunch & Lounge Crew’! You will handle the company and student lounges, serve breakfast and lunch to companies, and make sure that everything runs smoothly. ‘The Lunch & Lounge Crew’ is team-oriented with great opportunities for varying work tasks. You should be a happy and service-minded person who is a good team player!


Are you the master of planning events among your friends, or maybe the best dinner host in town? Apply for ‘Event Crew’ and take the chance to act out all your event qualities! Together with the other crew members, you will be responsible for the practical parts at the events that occur during the fair, such as After Fair Mingle and the Banquet. You will also be greeting guests to our speakers during the fair and hand out goodiebags to the students. You will be working close to the event coordinators, so if you are a team player, creative, social, stress-resistant and have an eye for detail you will be the perfect fit for the ‘Event Crew’!


Do you want a unique chance to bond with the companies at GADDEN? Are you service-minded, positive and a problem solver with a passion for networking? Do you like to take initiatives on your own? Then you are perfect as a ‘Company Relations Crew’! As a part of the ‘Company Relations Crew’, you will be personally responsible for one or a couple of the companies exhibiting and be their contact person during GADDEN. You will be there as support for the company representatives during the entire fair and you will solve whatever problems that might arise. You who seek this position are independent, responsible and flexible.

As a part of the ‘Company Relations Crew’, you are offered a unique chance to get closer to the exhibiting companies than anyone else. Do not miss out on this opportunity – apply to the ‘Company Relations Crew’ now.


Are you an outgoing person, with a sense of service, who loves to meet new people? Are you a problem solver who loves to help other people? Then you should apply for the ‘Information Crew’!

 As a part of this crew, you will often be the first face that the visitors see when they visit GADDEN. Together you will show, explain and guide everyone to give them the best impression of the career fair as possible. The work tasks include staffing our info desks and the reception assisting with information regarding anything related to the fair. You will also handle the tickets for lectures, solve problems that might arise and be helpful and nice in general. Being ‘Information Crew’ means gaining great knowledge about the career fair, an opportunity for a lot of personal encounters with companies and good prerequisites for making use of the fair in the best way possible!


Do you have a passion for capturing moments and love to make memories last forever? Are you fast thinking and have the ability to see the spark in every situation that may occur? Do you have an interest in photography? Well, then you will love the ‘Photo & PR Crew’!

As a ‘Photo & PR Crew’, you will take photos during GADDEN and the different events that take place during the fair. You can relax during the evening events and have fun together with the rest of the crew. To be a part of the Photo & PR crew we wish that you have a camera that you can bring with you and take photos with during the fair days.

A work sample or Instagram/VSCO-account is greatly appreciated and can be sent to


Do you have a genuine interest in sustainability, are a curious person and want to contribute to evolving GADDENs work within sustainability? Are you engaged, take responsibility and want to inspire companies, visitors and crew to act more sustainable? Do you have a passion for making a real difference by decreasing GADDENs environmental impact and increasing its social sustainability? Then you should apply for the ‘Sustainability Crew’!

Take the chance to make a difference while gaining experience and memories for life! Apply for ‘Sustainability Crew’ and contribute to a more sustainable career fair!


Where does GADDEN take place?
The fair takes place at the School of Business, Economics and Law

During what time and which days do you have to be there?
Some important dates to have in mind when applying for crew are the following. First and foremost, an important crew meeting will be held on the 28th of SeptemberThe day before the fair, on November the 15th, we will set up and build the fair, and following there will be two full days during November 16th and 17th when the fair takes place. These four dates are mandatory to be present at. 

You can also mark October 5th and October 19th in your calendar, when there is a Crew-dinner and a Crew-mingle. (None of these two dates are mandatory to be present at, but will be two fun events that you don’t want to miss!)

What is the best thing about being a crew?
Besides the possibility to make contact with companies and expand your network for the future, you will get the chance to attend exclusive events such as mingle and a banquet. We have to say that the best thing about being a crew is that you create lots of great memories, meet new friends and have so much fun!

I feel like I have more questions, who do I turn to?
Feel free to contact our  Human Resources, Olivia Karlsson at