13-14 NOVEMBER 2018



GADDEN offers your company an opportunity to meet some of Sweden’s most talented and ambitious students within the fields of business, economics, law, logistics and environmental science.


GADDEN is all about service and we always strive to satisfy the needs of our exhibitors. Among other things, we offer transportation,  breakfast and lunch, free access to a company lounge as well as a personal host available to you prior to and during the fair.

Interview sessions

All exhibitors have the possibility to conduct interview sessions with selected candidates. This is a great way of attracting qualified students for various opportunities at your company.

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In 2014 GADDEN's project committee grew, the position "Head of sustainability was introduced and since then GADDEN has continuously worked towards reducing our impact on the planet. This work has been very successful and GADDEN 2015 was certified as an environmentally friendly event by the organisation Håll Sverige Rent. 

But our work does not stop there. This year the ambition is to further improve the sustainability of the fair. This will mainly be done through two initiatives: All food served at GADDEN 2017 will to the extent possible be ecological and vegetarian. Furthermore, aside from this year's catalogue, a very small amount of printed material will be bought. GADDEN 2017 instead aims to become a much more digital fair, something which we believe will not only make the fair more sustainable, but also enhance the experience for our visitors. 

As the largest career fair for business-, law-, logistics- and environmental science students, GADDEN has a responsibility. Many look towards GADDEN both for inspiration and as a reference point, and it is therefore very important that we are at the forefront regarding sustainability. Or as Uncle Ben in Spiderman so eloquently put it: "With great power comes great responsibility"

With great power comes great responsibility

We are GADDEN 2018

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Malin Källgren

Project Manager
0736 - 48 94 75

Max Hansson

Vice Project Manager 
0702 - 71 62 32

Elin Ajax

Head of Company Relations
0722 - 27 13 41

Karl Persson

Head of Company Relations
0730 - 82 02 00

Celine Westvik

Head of Marketing
0701 - 48 08 48

Fredrika Dahlberg

Head of Fair
0704 - 07 43 12

Cajsa Holm

Head of Events
0733 - 89 97 03

Sofia Kleist

Vice Head of Events
0727 - 44 07 16

Emilia Milojkovic

Head of sponsoring
0707 - 56 78 09

Tobias Mägi

Vice Head of Sponsoring 
0733 - 49 79 70

Mikaela Bjure

Head of Sustainability
0721 - 79 68 49

Ludvig Tranell

Head of Logistics
0725 - 04 03 01

Madeleine Hammarstrand

Head of Interview Sessions
0733 - 59 32 87

Pernilla Erixon

Head of Communications
0701 - 72 90 90

Hanna Persson

Art Director
0768 - 24 25 38


•   Sponsoring GADDEN gives your company a chance to showcase your products for a very important segment in the market. The products will be well exposed in various parts of the fair, including the student and company lounges.

•   Your company logo will appear both in connection to your products as well as in our catalogue and on our web site, providing you with multiple platforms to advertise and create brand awareness.

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