Do you want to be a part of the project committee of 2022?

With a somewhat challenging year, but also fun and developing, the end of GADDEN 2021 is approaching. It’s time for us in the committée of 2021 to retire our wings and let new bees take over the beehive. So, are you interested in taking part in one of School of Business, Economics and Law’s biggest projects and create the BZZT career-fair within the Nordic region?  Great, because the application for the remaining posts in the  Project Committee of 2022 is now OPEN!

Apart from having the year of your life, filled with lots of fun, you also get the opportunity to attend an instructive year where you get the possibility to create new relationships within the university as well as with potential new employers. But most importantly you will make friends for life!

To apply for the  remaining posts of the committee of GADDEN 2022 you need to fill in the form to the right (or below in the mobile version).  Make sure you don’t forget to motivate why YOU are the perfect choice for the position you are applying for (AND of course you can apply for more than one position!!).

The last day for applications is the February 20th at 23.59.

At this moment, we are looking for driven students for the following posts: 

Project committee

Your best year at Handels is waiting

GADDEN has since its creation in 1982 grown exponentially and the fair, as well as the events and activities that take place during the year, make GADDEN HHGS 'largest project. The project committee consists of ambitious students at the School of Business, Economics and Law who have a common goal: together create the best career fair for students and companies! ... (The recruitment for the project committee 2022 is divided into two parts and in the first recruitment, which takes place in November, half of the positions are filled. In February, the application opens and in March, the remaining positions will be filled, and the project committee will be complete. After that, about ten months of hard work awaits to create a new fair, a time-consuming and challenging job that also means your most fun year at Handels.



– Head of Company Relations

– Head of Interview Sessions

– Head of Events

– Head of Corporate Relations


– Head of Sustainability 

– Head of Logistics

– Head of Communications

– Art Director


As Head of Company Relations, you are responsible for contacting all of the fair's exhibitors; the companies! You will keep in touch with previous years' exhibitors as well as being responsible for selling GADDEN to new, exciting companies. This will involve many phone calls, meetings, and the responsibility of organizing around 100 exhibitors' participation at GADDEN. This role also involves supporting the rest of the committee in their company contacts and holding workshops to promote the process.



For this position, we are in search of someone who wants to be a part of our Company Relations team and who is responsible for the Interview Sessions during GADDEN 2022. The Interview Sessions are an opportunity for the students to be selected for a chat or smaller job interview with our company representatives. During the fair, approximately 500 Interview Sessions are conducted, which is an extraordinary opportunity to strengthen the interaction between the participating companies and our students.



In the position of Head of Events, you have the overall responsibility for all events organized by GADDEN. This includes internal and external events, such as crew dinner, mingles, and the final banquet. You will also be responsible for planning our concept ‘GADDEN-Talks’, where companies host guest lectures for the students throughout the year. We are looking for someone who loves to organize and manage events, is responsible, stress-resistant, detail-oriented, and has a developed ability to plan, both in the short and long term.



As Head of Corporate Relations, you have the overall responsibility for finding and maintaining contact with sponsors of GADDEN. You are constantly selling the GADDEN brand to companies that want to be seen or otherwise collaborate with us throughout the year and during the fair. Furthermore, you also have the task of finding inspiring speakers who will give appreciated lectures during the fair, and you are thus also responsible for coordinating these visits.



Our journey towards contributing to a better world started in 2015 with an emphasized focus on sustainability, and GADDDEN has been a certified sustainable event ever since. We always aspire to be sustainable in every aspect of our fair. We have the ambition and vision to inspire our visitors, exhibitors, and sponsors to strive towards a more sustainable future. If you are someone who nurtures our planet and its population has a passion for sustainability and sustainable development, then the Head of Sustainability is the perfect position for you!



As Head of Logistics, you, together with the Head of Fair, are responsible for the design of the fair and have the primary responsibility for all transportation before and during the fair. You will also be responsible for ensuring that all our speakers and company representatives receive a professional and warm welcome when arriving to the fair. Furthermore, you will work closely with the collaboration partners in preparing the cars for the fair-days. Alongside your main responsibilities, you will also spend a lot of time contacting prospective companies to exhibit at the fair.



Are you a natural when it comes to written communication and, at the same time, picky when it comes to the details? Then you are the perfect fit for our position as Head of Communications! As Head of Communications, your main tasks include compiling all information and texts published on GADDEN’s website and different social media channels - taking on the role as GADDEN’s personal publisher. You are also responsible for keeping all our social media channels up to date with as well as that you have opportunity to put your own spark to the GADDEN brand.



Are you the most creative bee at Handels? Do you have a burning passion for graphic design? Then you should most definitely apply for the position as GADDEN’s Art Director! At this position, you will be responsible for the design of all the graphical material that GADDEN publishes as well as for the theme which will inspire everything that GADDEN does during the year, whether it is for events, our website or letters sent out to our exhibiting companies.


Looking forward to seeing your application!

Kindest regards,
The Project Committee of 2022!